Sunday, October 25, 2009


I did a panel today at the Doomsday Film Festival & Symposium. It was a nice opportunity to share some thoughts on the apocalypse and From the Ashes with some like-minded people. Also on the panel were John Joseph Adams (editor of the exemplary anthologies The Living Dead and Wastelands), Jimmy Aquino (of the podcast Comics News Insider), cartoonist Hillary Florido, Justin Taylor (editor of The Apocalypse Reader) and moderated by Matthew Hawkins. At one point in the proceedings, an audience member asked for some recommendations of apocalyptic comics and I was reminded of this fine anthology collecting many stories from the underground comic of the same name:
This gnarly (sometimes very gnarly) comic really delved into the post-apocalyptic setting with gusto, like a filthy EC Comic. It boasts some of the best UG artists around (Corben, Crumb, Irons, Holmes, to name but a few). Jaxon's contributions always unsettled me a bit (his style is so, well, ugly... but effective). Jaxon did introduce me to the term "bent-head" as a pejorative for mutants. I've always loved the cover by Richard Corben, who is one of my art gods.

Anyway, this book is highly recommended. Unfortunately it's long out of print and the cheapest copies online seem to be north of thirty bucks.

Monday, October 19, 2009


I really like the TV series Supernatural. Even though I prefer my fictional apocalypses to be man-made (as opposed to big "A" biblical-style), here's a nice still from the recent episode "The End."